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My consultation services are for those who are in the early stages of a project or would like to go over the fundamentals of storytelling. If you have an idea, questions, or need help structuring/developing your story, these consultation services are for you.

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These services are for when you have a completed manuscript or are deep within the drafting process. My overview letters and in-depth edits will provide you with insights on where your story is succeeding and where it may need more work.


Whether you have a short script, tv pilot, feature script, or are in the drafting process, these services will help you get at the heart of your story and advance your script to industry standards.

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These services are for those going on submission with their completed novel or screenplay. I also offer academic services for individuals applying to creative writing programs.

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My retainer packages are for writers who want me at their disposal throughout their entire project's journey and beyond.

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